More information will come in our document, Alcohol as well as the legislation. Films, videos and on-line games

More information will come in our document, Alcohol as well as the legislation. Films, videos and on-line games


Beneath the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2002 it’s an offense to offer cigarettes or any other tobacco services and products to anybody underneath the chronilogical age of 18.

If you should be under 18 years old, from January 2016 you can not smoke cigarettes in a motor vehicle. Additionally, nobody else can smoke cigarettes when you are into the automobile.


You can’t purchase a Lotto admission or make a bet and soon you are 18 years old. Beneath the Betting Act 1931 it’s a offence for the son or daughter under age 18 to stay a bookmakers. But, beneath the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956 you can easily take part in video gaming at an entertainment funfair or hall through the chronilogical age of 16.

Movies, videos and on-line games

Films exactly exactly What movies you can view when you look at the cinema relies on the film’s category. The movie classifications presently being used are the following:

More information comes in our document, Censorship of movies in Ireland.

Videos the same classification system is utilized for renting or buying Videos and DVDs:

More information comes in our document, Censorship of video and DVD tracks.

Video games Ireland utilizes the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) age score system for the category of video games. It really is a system that is voluntary stores offering on-line games are anticipated to check out. The classifications are the following:

Age score doesn’t consider the trouble degree or skills necessary to play a casino game.

Pet ownership

Underneath the Control of Dogs Act 1986 you can not keep your pet dog unless you have actually your dog licence because of it. a neighborhood authority does perhaps maybe not issue your pet dog licence to anybody under 16 years of age.

When you yourself have your puppy call at public you have to keep it in check, such as for example for a lead. Particular kinds of dog should be muzzled after all times in public places. These dogs must certanly be led by somebody avove the age of 16 and continued a strong string or lead this is certainly no more than 2 metres.

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You may not need a licence your can purchase other pets and there’s no legislation indicating an age that is minimum which you are able to have an animal.

Drones and model aircraft

Drones and model aircraft weighing 1kg or higher, much less than 25kg, must certanly be registered because of the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). Whenever determining the extra weight, gas just isn’t included. Nevertheless, any articles or gear set up in or connected to the aircraft at the beginning of its journey, including cargo, are included.

You need to be over 16 years old to join up a drone or model aircraft. Drones and model aircraft operated by those under 16 years old must certanly be registered by a moms and dad or guardian that is legal. Info on registering can be acquired in the IAA web site.


You should be aged 16 or higher just before can put on for the firearms certification. You need to be aged 14 or higher before you decide to can put on for the firearms training certificate. A firearms training certification will not enable you to possess a firearm however it does permit you to have a very firearm while using and carrying it underneath the guidance of the individual whom holds a firearm certification for that firearm and it is over 18 years old.

The requirement to have a firearm certificate additionally relates to crossbows, spearguns and all sorts of airguns above a muzzle that is certain (including paintball markers).


There is absolutely no set minimum age from which you are able to acquire a blade. But, its an offense to own a blade in a general public spot without reasonable, such as for instance for work.

Health insurance and relationships

Wellness solutions

There was a variety of solutions especially for kids and specific solutions are supplied cost-free just because their moms and dads don’t have a card that is medical. These solutions are usually supplied as an element of infant and maternity welfare solutions, wellness solutions for preschool kids and college wellness solutions. Kids will also be eligible to immunisation and vaccination solutions totally free.

Surgical treatments

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